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Mural Projects

We are feeling grateful to work on the mural with Kate because it is once in a lifetime opportunity and we get to change the world.  This is an amazing thing that we get to do, to paint with an amazing artist and get to work on a mural in our school with Kate.

Also, it was amazing that we get to do some impressive things with her and with some of my classmates and friends.  This is an experience that I will never forget.

When we first started we were all  nervous and we did not know what to do but as time went on we became a group that has love for one another. Everyone collaborates with each other and a group who is hardworking and never gives up so they can reach their goal.

We are working to highlight 5 Latinas that inspired the world in different ways. We even got a chance to meet Jeanette Vizguerra, one of the people that we are painting. We are painting Selena Quintanilla (musician), Frida Kahlo (visual artist), Jeanette Visguerra (immigrant rights activist), Dolores Huerta (migrant workers activist), and Yalitza Aparicio (actor) to reflect Latina Power! We hope you come to enjoy our mural and it inspires you to follow your dreams. - David

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