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Copy of Copy of Leading a healthy lifest

The Confluence Center Artists in Residency Program brings Montbello Youth and Denver Artists together to co-create multimedia projects that uplift their communities and amplify their voices. Resident artists create powerful learning opportunities with students as they explore and discover their creativity, artistry, and identity. As students gain experience working with professional artists, they learn to amplify their voices through their art and community action, resulting in self-confidence, entrepreneurial mindsets, and community leadership. 

The Confluence and YEBO (Youth Empowerment Broadcasting Organization) are collaborating with communities to roll out the Quarantined Art Project to support youth impacted by COVID-19. All donations made to YEBO and our fiscal sponsor The HadaNou Collective will go directly towards art supplies for youth.

Copy of Copy of Leading a healthy lifest
Copy of Copy of Leading a healthy lifest

Anthony Cotton

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Anthony "Greatness" Cotton is a dancer, speaker, and children's book author. Anthony moved from Denver to Los Angeles at age 18 and signed with GTA Talent Agency. During his time in Los Angeles, he did commercials, created viral youtube videos, and danced on shows like The Ellen Show and on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live. After 6 years in LA, Anthony moved back home to Denver and he now uses his story and lessons learned along the way to inspire and uplift students and professionals through various forms of art and speech.


Kate Scalf

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Kate Scalf is a Denver based, multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography. Her work is predominately portraiture and deals with subjects relating to the human condition: emotion and spirituality, identity, multiculturalism, history, and societal and cultural issues surrounding race, class, and gender. In 2020, Kate Scalf will be receiving her BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, where she has been the recipient of several artistic and merit-based awards.

Molina Chicano Picasso Mural Teatro 07 2

Molina Speaks

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Molina Speaks is a recording and performing artist, poet, educator and creative bridge. His mission is to unite the human spirit through the radical imagination. Along with his own art, music and poetry, Molina plays with Chicano Afrobeat orchestra Pink Hawks, and punk and hip-hop act Roots Rice and Beans. Molina leads the Youth On Record Fellowship Program, a professional development program for emerging artists between the ages of 18-23.  Molina has been named a "Mastermind" by Westword Magazine for innovation in art and culture. He is an honoree of the Lalo Delgado Poetry Festival.


FaT TrAk

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FaT TrAk is a music producer from Widefield Colorado who made his debut on YouTube in 2007. Most widely known for collaborating with friend and mentor Boonie Mayfield. His first project with Denver artist Marcus Arrilius titled “The Meditations of Marcus Arrilius” has helped to gain him recognition locally and gained him a lead instructor position for music production at charter schools in Denver. To date he has five projects under his belt that he produced or co-produced. His most recent project with Ill Se7en titled “Acuna Black presents: Crates of Vintage Dreams.”

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